August 4th, 2012: Alice & Jake

My big sister, Alice, got married to Jake. The wedding festivities were beyond wonderful, but the highlight was simply having occasion to bring together the entire immediate family for the first time in four years. I'm not much for taking photos at weddings, as I generally like to just enjoy the party, but I snapped a few with my camera and a few with my phone.

Jake if officially one of the Rocca bros with a snazzy Armani watch.
A day before the day lunch at Sly's, abalone and all.
Parents of the bride approach the soon-to-be-weds' home and wedding venue, surrounded by avocados.
Alice looking lovely as Jake flashes the pearly whites with his mom.
Mason does his best to get the littlest Roccas smiling.
The next generation. Couldn't be any cuter. 
Flamin' hot bridesmaids, staying warm late night.
Alice's mini-me, Maria Vittoria Rocca.

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