September 16th, 2012: Starved Rock

When I left California many moons ago, I made the all too common pledge of "finding adventure even in the flattest of lands." Over the last two years, I have probably gotten out and about more than your average Chicago Area resident. Still, I have yet to tap into many of the area's outdoor opportunities. So now, while I am here, I am re-affirming my pledge to find the flatlands adventures.

The first such adventure was a day trip to Starved Rock with Andrew, my fellow former resident of the (north)west always up for adventure. Starved Rock is not mountainous, but it has some great Midwest elevation, interesting canyons, fun hiking trails, and pretty solid history. It was the Illini tribe that starved atop the high riverside buttes, trapped by tribes of Potawatomi and Ottawa attacking from below.

Illinois! We're in Illinois!
Not-so-little and not-so-green frog.

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