November 17th, 2012: Island Running

Missouri to Massachusetts to Maine with a bus, a plane, and a rental car. Maine was the destination for a camp wedding and associated fun. It wasn't a true "destination wedding" as it was a destination for everyone EXCEPT the bride and groom: Gillian and Andrew. I'm guessing that mid-November in Maine can deliver anything from sunshine to serious snowfall, but we were lucky to have the former not the latter. It was a glorious wedding and Portland is a spectacular town.

Did I mention that there are ferries aplenty in Portland? It's true. Rumors swirled of a quaint nearby island that had a decent 3-5 mile trail around the perimeter, perfect for a Saturday morning excursion. It turned out that the island was not a forested island with coastal trails (as I had imagined) but a quaint island community with a 3-5 mile road past seaside homes and the like. Either way, I was not disappointed!

Peaks Island, the scene of the crime and home to best breakfast burritos EVER.
Emily ran out of dock. Luckily the beach ran out of water!
This was to the Atlantic Ocean, and just past that you'll find England.

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