November 2nd, 2012: Skokie Lagoons

I recently came into possession of a Mad River Canoe and a few paddles. Sweeeeet!!!

I've been wanting to find my way into more paddling adventures for several years. Early in life I enjoyed paddling out on waves of Lake Michigan at Aquatics Camp - don't go beyond the breakwater! There were also the regular canoe voyages on Echo Lake for fun and the frequent Rocca Races. Traversing the Minnesota Boundary Waters is high on my list of Midwest adventure trips, but at least a year out. But with a canoe in my garage and a handful of waterways in the area, I'm determined to float the boat as often as possible. I kicked it off with a pre-work Monday morning jaunt on the nearby Skokie Lagoons. Far from glamorous to say the least, but it was wonderful to feel the flow of water as we glided around the maze of waterways and islands.

Rack and Roll

And we're paddling

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snowymonk said...

Nice! I picked up a used Ram-X 17 the other day. Now I'm ready for some flatwater paddling with Kai! Maybe in like 10 years I'll ask you for beta for the boundary waters so I can go with Kai & Kimbo.

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