October 6th, 2012: Indiana Dunes

Why should the summer fun end? The fall usually marks the start of the adventures for me and this year I was tasked with bringing along as many kids as I could. Happy to do it.

There are many beautiful and wondrous locations in the Midwest, some even within an hour or so of Chicago. Just past the gloom of Gary, Indiana are the Indiana Dunes. I once visited the dunes in middle school for couldn't recall the experience beyond chasing a few friends with water balloons. I was excited to return with a pack of middle schoolers, who didn't come armed with projectiles - water-filled or otherwise. We had a great day of hiking up dunes, running down dunes, walking through dune forests, collecting rocks, and breathing the fresh air. It's always a pleasure to get outside on the weekends, but it's truly rewarding to bring a pack of shorties along for the ride!

A skyline like none other, rising from a lake like none other.
There are few joys like letting gravity pull you down a dune.
Looking for the perfect rock.
Exhausted at the top of Mt. Jackson, elevation 175 ft! 

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