December 8th, 2013: Ski Season

Not too long ago, the snow started falling in the Sierras. Instagrams and blogs started flaunting the snowy goodness and mountain turns. What was I to do, if not book an early December flight to get in on the fun?

This was a quick trip, but I was able to rally Sara, Paul, and Kevin for a Saturday day trip. Early to rise, early to ski, we were on the road by 5:30 or 6:00 and on the slopes by 9:30. Fresh snow was scarce, but the skies were clear, the air was warm, and Kirkwood's backside runs had just opened for the season. It was a great day of taking down the groomers. Sara was in a particularly charging mood, leaving me gasping to keep up all day long. But, as she put it, "Bnard telemarks, so he goes slower."

Getting ready to charge Sentinel Bowl
Why not?
December days are short, and setting sun loomed on our last run.
A side mission for the trip included getting a cool picture of an "Adeline St" street sign for Evan and Kate, who recently were joined by a little one by the named Adeline - after the street. I got a few decent shots of birds on signs and such before Sara led me to Sweet Adeline, which is a delicious cafe (I highly recommend the cheddar and onion scones). It took many many shots, but I ended up being pretty pleased with the shot below.

Nice hat.

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