February 11th-13th, 2013: Ostrander, Party of 2

There are many theories about traits that are attributable to people based on where they fall in the birth order of their siblings. Only children are, of course, in their own category. I often hear that youngest children tend to be rather flexible, having spent their childhood adjusting to the schedules and interests of their elders. Sounds like a solid theory to me. Either way, I love being flexible. Flexibility allows you to push back a Tahoe trip for three days and instead return to Ostrander for a few more days. FLEXIBILITY!!!

A lot happened in the 36 hours beginning on the morning of February 10th and ending in the evening of February 11th. Below is the roughest of approximations as to how it all played out...

Sunday, February 10th
7:30am: Wake up at Ostrander
8:00am: Head out for first lap on Horse Ridge
8:45am: Crank out a 2nd lap on Horse Ridge
9:30am: Breakfast time!
10:30am: Hitting the trail for Badger Pass
4:30pm: Arrive at Badger Pass trail head
4:45pm: Consume Sierra Nevada Pale Ale slushy in a can
5:30pm: Pack up the junk show and head back to Oakland
9:30pm: Arrive in Oakland
9:43pm: Quick shower and sushi
10:00pm: Head out to Oakland International Airport
10:30pm: Pickup Andrew at baggage claim
10:45pm: Score rental Ford Escape w/ 750 miles and new car smell (new favorite rental)
11:30pm: Back at Burhop abode
12:00am: Call it a day

Monday, February 11th
7:30am: Rise and shine!
7:55am: Out the door
8:04am: Coffee and scones at Sweet Adeline
9:40am: Home Depot tool purchase to keep boots and bindings together
10:16am: Safeway grocery run (Did we grab an Americano sandwich? Probably.)
11:00am: Yosemite or bust
1:30pm: Welcome to Yosemite Andrew!
2:30pm: Badger Pass, packing gear
3:15pm: Hmmmm... Little late to be getting on the trail.
6:15pm: Sun has set, we be night skiing!
6:45pm: Ostrander Ski Hut, good to see you again.
6:53pm: Savoring Sierra Nevada Pale Ale perfection in a bottle.
7:30pm: Making ourselves at home sweet home

I've squeezed in the adventures before, especially when rocking the weekend warrior status while working in San Jose, but this was a true first. It was a wild ride, but well worth it. I was so happy to be back at Ostrander, but more excited to get Andrew into the hut for the first time. We called it a night pretty quickly, knowing that Howard had a full day of touring in store for us.

Twilight Fun up Heart Attack Hill
Smooth Sunset
Dusky Crescent
Howard imparting knowledge atop Buena Vista Peak
The Sierras are everywhere, and Andrew's a fan.
Are these things snow-proof?
Sweet turns off Buena Vista Crest
Probably the only time I was in front of Howard all day
Lonely skis in the quiver
Fireside chats
The stars in the sky go round and round
As good as it gets: morning laps, cup o' coffee, scrambled eggs, and a sunny snowy view


JB said...

Buena Vista Crest looks amazing. Flex = Cham.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for you guys and your pictures. Just awesome. Ali.

Bernard Rocca said...

The BVC is an awesome little tour, you need to check it JB... Ali, you gotta join us one of these years!

Bernard Rocca said...
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