Summer 2013: All Things Camp Echo

Radio silence is over. The spring wasn't all Cham Cham fun time. Upon returning from the incredible backdrops of the French Alps, it was time to get down to business. The business of summer camp, though I use the term "business" loosely.

Mid-April through mid-September was chalk full of outdoor work and fun with campers, staff, and friends. There were more trips back and forth between Evanston, IL and Fremont, MI than I care to count. Day trips to bogs, volunteer weekends, teaching school kids how to setup tents, paddle adventures, and a season of summer camp hijinx. There is no shortage of beautiful photographic opportunities in the summer camp setting, but I lose the urge to pick up my camera, preferring to get in the mix: capturing the flag, swimming across the lake, teaching campers how to (water)ski, scrambling eggs, and paying the bills. Wait, forget that last one. I'd rather take picture than pay the bills, but someone's gotta do it!

Volo Bog Boardwalk - Not sure where the kids went.
Many hands move many boats. Summer is near.
Echo Corps at The Marshes. Before.
A great crew ready for summer.
Pat and the Summer Adventure Club boys in the mighty red canoe.
I heard giggling and grabbed my camera. My favorite picture of the summer.
I think he had some help; it must have been Batman.
Extravaganza rounds out the summer season. 30+ jumpers are hard to coordinate. Surprise.
A peaceful barge, waiting for another summer.
A great deal of pruning went into the making of this photo. And a ladder. Worth it.

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